Transportation & automotive

Going further with aluminium

Aluminium is the material of choice when it comes to applications in the transportation industry that require strength, durability, high versatility/workability and superior finish. The same is true for automakers, as the strength, environmental advantages and performance benefits of aluminium lead to its increased use in the automotive market.
Road Rail Shipbuilding Automotive structures


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Aluminium packaging solutions prolong shelf-life and retain taste

Aluminium’s unique properties contribute to the efficient packaging of diverse products in a variety of forms. Aluminium packaging is now a part of everyday life and its use is invaluable in a wide range of applications. With state-of-the-art equipment and in-depth knowledge of packaging processes and demands, Elval is able to provide solutions to customer needs by delivering an extensive choice of high quality products.
Rigid packaging Flexible packaging


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Heating, ventilation & air conditioning

Innovation in aluminium meets expertise

 The demand of the automotive industry for light, compact and efficient heat exchangers have led to aluminium becoming the material of choice for this challenging task. Aluminum through the design of a variety of alloy combination offers unique properties such as anti-corrosion, high strength and long life properties are particularly valuable for the cars to reduce CO2 emissions.
HVAC - Heat exchangers


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Building & construction

Aluminium to build on!

Aluminium has become one of the most popular material among builders, architects and designers due to its unique properties compared to other structural materials. Elval offers lightweight , durable, anti-corrosive aluminium ready to become shaped in structures limited only by the architects’ creativity. Besides the significant design flexibility, aluminium contributes to the overall energy efficiency in buildings , therefore it becomes the absolute material of choice in the building & construction market.
Building & architectural Architectural coating systems Water supply & sanitary (Multilayer Tubes) Insulation tubes


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Energy & power networks

Aluminium fortifies the sustainable aspect of electricity and heat

Aluminium plays an important role as one of the key materials in a wide range of renewable energy and power networks systems, namely solar thermal collectors, wind turbines, photovoltaic systems , concentrating solar thermal power plants, power networks and electronic equipment. Elval serves the growing demand of this sector with reliable and cost efficient aluminium products that meet the specific requirements of even the most complex renewable energy and power networks projects.
Renewable energy industry Oil and gas industry Telecommunication and data networks Power networks & Electronic


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Lithography & printing market

Perfectly finished aluminium strip for lithography

Viohalco subsidiary Bridgnorth Aluminium is a leading producer of lithographic aluminium strip with a purpose built, state of the art rolling mill and stretch levelling line. As the UK's only manufacturer of lithographic (printing plate) materialthe company has specialised experience in hot and cold aluminium rolling, annealing and levelling. Continuously expanding its business and product range, Bridgnorth Aluminium offers a uniquely specialised set of products for lithographic, packaging and other end use markets, with solutions ranging from defect free surfaces, material free from disruptive inclusions, to good conductivity or pinhole free material.
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Industrial applications market

Customised aluminium suited for any industrial application

From flat screen LED  TVs to power plants , Elval manufactures a wide range of aluminium sheets and coils painted  or mill finish for multiple industrial applications in the fields of industrial engineering, construction projects , renewable energy applications and geodesic domes. At Elval we strive to exceed our customer needs both in terms of quality and in terms of variety, tailored to customer requirements. Our product portfolio comprises aluminium for static silos, flat screen LED TVs, circuit boards, light bulb bases, telecommunication equipment, multilayer tubes and transformers. Our innovative processes enable us to deliver superior products to our customers on time, seamlessly meeting the most demanding requirements.
Decoration applications Static silos Geodesic domes


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Consumer goods

Aluminium utensils: An integral part of our everyday life

Aluminium is an integral part of everyday life. To this extent, aluminium is widely used in the consumer goods market, in the bodies of household appliances as well as in modern utensils and cookware.
Household appliances Foil for household use


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Other markets

Durable and readable aluminium road signs

Elval offers high quality pre-painted aluminium coils for traffic road signs, advertising signs and license plates ensuring the best visual communication, decoration and corporate identity application.


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