Building & construction

Aluminium to build on!

Aluminium has become one of the most popular material among builders, architects and designers due to its unique properties compared to other structural materials. Elval offers lightweight , durable, anti-corrosive aluminium ready to become shaped in structures limited only by the architects’ creativity. Besides the significant design flexibility, aluminium contributes to the overall energy efficiency in buildings , therefore it becomes the absolute material of choice in the building & construction market.


Building & construction

Building & architectural

Elval and its subsidiaries offer a wide range of solutions for building and architectural applications, with focus on quality, security and comfort. With the highest technical know-how and experience, Elval offers products for building facades, curtain walls, outdoor venetian blinds and shading elements, roofing, roller shutters, composite and partitioning walls, false and acoustic ceilings, composite or sandwich panels, decorative panels and advertising boards.
Elval Colour, subsidiary of ElvalHalcor, is a leading European coated aluminium provider and offers a full range of products and solutions for building envelope applications, including perforated and corrugated sheets, coated aluminium coils and sheets for roofing, Ydoral rain gutters, flashings, roller shutter applications, Elval ENF corrugated sheets, Elval ENF perforated coils and sheets, Elval ENFTM solid façade cladding and etalbond® composite panels.
From floor to ceiling, inside and out, quality solutions for every need.


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