Building & construction

Aluminium to build on!

Aluminium has become one of the most popular material among builders, architects and designers due to its unique properties compared to other structural materials. Elval offers lightweight , durable, anti-corrosive aluminium ready to become shaped in structures limited only by the architects’ creativity. Besides the significant design flexibility, aluminium contributes to the overall energy efficiency in buildings , therefore it becomes the absolute material of choice in the building & construction market.


Building & construction

Water supply & sanitary (Multilayer Tubes)

Elval has become a major supplier in the market of multilayer tubes having developed aluminium strips with impeccable mechanical properties and surface treatment so as to serve even the most demanding requirements. Either used for sanitary or underfloor heating purposes, gas pipes or other industrial applications Elval material concentrates characteristics such as ease of welding and roll forming, flexibility, excellent adhesion between aluminium and polyethylene, high strength and durability, resistance to high pressure and anti-corrosive properties.


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