Energy & power networks

Aluminium fortifies the sustainable aspect of electricity and heat

Aluminium plays an important role as one of the key materials in a wide range of renewable energy and power networks systems, namely solar thermal collectors, wind turbines, photovoltaic systems , concentrating solar thermal power plants, power networks and electronic equipment. Elval serves the growing demand of this sector with reliable and cost efficient aluminium products that meet the specific requirements of even the most complex renewable energy and power networks projects.


Energy & power networks

Renewable energy industry

Clean energy needs excellent products for diverse projects
Elval manufactures a range of products with special characteristics and develops services that meet the requirements of the growing renewable energy market and cover the needs of diverse and demanding projects on a global level. Specifically, the range includes products for windmill applications, such as:
  • Wide tread plates for windmill platforms.
  • Windmill nacelles from aluminium, which enable better diffusion of temperature since wind turbines develop high temperatures.
  • Easier recycling of windmill components.
  • Lamp bases and transformer strips.


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