Heating, ventilation & air conditioning

Innovation in aluminium meets expertise

 The demand of the automotive industry for light, compact and efficient heat exchangers have led to aluminium becoming the material of choice for this challenging task. Aluminum through the design of a variety of alloy combination offers unique properties such as anti-corrosion, high strength and long life properties are particularly valuable for the cars to reduce CO2 emissions.


Heating, ventilation & air conditioning

HVAC - Heat exchangers

Focus on quality and a long experience in developing aluminium products makes Elval an undisputable key player in the market of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.
Elval is able to provide superior quality of clad fin stock, bare fin stock, tube stock and brazing sheets for all kinds of heat exchangers, securing the maximum of heat conductivity along with corrosion resistance and durability.


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