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CANAL’s integrated environmental awareness educational programme gained distinction by «Bravo Sustainability Awards»

The Can Recycling Centre (CANAL) of Elval (the aluminium rolling division of ElvalHalcor) gained a significant distinction in the “Bravo Society” category (large companies classification), in the framework of the «Bravo Sustainability Awards». The ceremony of the «Bravo Sustainability Awards 2018», took place on December 11, 2018, at the Megaro Mousikis Athinon, organized by the QualityNet Foundation.

CANAL is a pioneering recycling centre, which accepts, separates and packages aluminium used beverage cans. Additionally, it offers an integrated environmental awareness educational programme, which includes experience-based information and training to schools, educational material, school competitions, environmental events, art exhibitions and various activities, in order to inform and continually make aware students and the public, about the value of aluminium recycling. CANAL’s strategic objective is the growth of aluminium recycling in Greece, in order to change the public’s mentality and increase the percentage of aluminium cans recycled in Greece.
CANAL and its environmental awareness programme were instituted in 2003, as a voluntary initiative and commitment of Elval, supported by the company’s Top Management, in order to advance aluminium recycling in Greece.
For us, CANAL’s recognition, caps 15 years of operation and support of aluminium recycling, as well as Management’s commitment for Sustainable Development and the application of responsible practices for continual improvement. Today, we are very proud for the goals attained by CANAL, in the period 2003-2017:
  • 355 million aluminium cans have been collected and forwarded for recycling
  • 45,000 tonnes of C02 have not been released in the atmosphere
  • 56,377 students from 1,271 schools have visited and participated in CANAL’s programme
  • 63,330 students were trained, in cooperation with the “Viomatiko School» (in 2006-2017) and 177,324 citizens were informed and made aware of recycling issues.
For more information, please visit CANAL’s website

About «Bravo Sustainability Awards»
The BRAVO initiative, that has been implemented by QualityNet Foundation for the past 9 years, develops an annual social dialogue for Sustainable Development, upon the actions and initiatives implemented by Greek Businesses, Municipalities-Regions and NGOs. All the organisations that participate at the Bravo initiative constitute the body of “Sustainable Development Ambassadors”, a philosophy movement that supports a sustainable future. These are the organisations that contribute in creating the Greece of Tomorrow. For more information, please visit the website


Jan 15, 2019


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