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Elval receives two awards at the “Bravo Sustainability Dialogue & Awards 2019”

Elval (Aluminum rolling division of ElvalHalcor S.A.) received two awards at the “Bravo Sustainability Awards 2019”. The first distinction concerned Elval's practice named “Boost your career-We elVALUE next generation” which was one of the three most voted practices by the public. The second award was related to Bravo’s Environment category for the company’s practice, namely “Delacquering – aluminium melting furnaces - Environmentally Friendly Aluminum Recycling”. The event took place at the Athens Concert Hall on Wednesday 18 December 2019.
During 2019, Elval designed and implemented the “Boost your career-We elVALUE next generation” learning program at its facility. This learning program was attended by university students who worked for the company during summer, aiming to improve their skills set in the digital era and boost their employability. Mrs. Vera Pagkoulaki, HR Director of ElvalHalcor's aluminum rolling division, presented the company’s initiative “Boost your career-We elVALUE next generation” to the audience during the event, and receiving the award stated: “The new, digital era requires both adaptability and openness to new technologies emerging from it. In this spirit and given that we have chosen to value new generation, we implemented this program especially for our trainees who worked during summer at Elval. Our Company invests in its people and also in the new generation.” 

The second award was for Bravo’s “Environmental” category concerning the company’s delacquering – melting furnaces for the recycling of aluminium, located at its plant. The company received the award for its systematic effort to increase the use of recycled aluminium, limiting its environmental footprint and making significant investments towards this end. The award was received by Mr. Ioannis Koufopanos, Sustainability Director of ElvalHalcor's aluminium rolling division, who pointed out: “Elval’s delacquering furnaces, feature state-of-the-art technology for optimal, environmentally friendly, aluminium recycling, whilst being a solid example of sustainable industrial operation. This technology ensures environmentally friendly recycling with less energy consumption and low GHG emissions, while the integration of the latest installed furnace into our production, increases recycling capacity of end –of – life aluminium, thereby significantly reducing our carbon footprint.” 


Dec 19, 2019


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