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Coronavirus pandemic is a worldwide crisis that affects our life and business. Responsibility and caution of every individual and organization are absolutely necessary. Elval took from day one all necessary safety measures for its personnel and is constantly observing national and international developments.
Following all national guidelines and our internal Crisis Management Committee, who is monitoring the issue since January, Elval took immediate action to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, with measures such as the following:
  • Improvement of workplace conditions by adjusting timetables to minimize commute and maximize remote work where possible.
  • Continuous supply of relevant detailed information to all personnel, concerning the spread of the virus, and basic hygiene guidelines with special focus and care towards the most vulnerable social groups.
  • Personal protective Equipment were distributed with guidelines concerning their proper use.
  • All intercompany meetings are replaced by visual and audio teleconferences.
  • A travel ban from and to Elval was issued until further notice.
  • Our in house medical center was equipped with all necessary tools in order to attend to our people.
Furthermore, Elval recognized immediately the needs of the local medical centers and hospitals, providing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for Schimatari and other local Health centers, and the necessary equipment to fully support two ICU (Intensive Care Units) in the Thebes General Hospital.
We keep a close watch for the needs of our people and our local community. We are ready to take further action to prevent the spread of the virus and offer our help to institutions that need it.
We will be monitoring national and international developments determined to protect our people and support our business plan through these challenging times.


Mar 30, 2020


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