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The contribution of aluminium and copper products to sustainable development showcased at the International Conference RawMat 2023

The importance of aluminium and copper in the circular economy and the energy transition, as well as the sustainability strategy of ElvalHalcor, were presented by the company’s executives during RawMat 2023, the 2nd International Conference on Raw Materials and Circular Economy. This International Conference for the raw materials and circular economy industry, took place on August 28th-30th, organized by the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE-TCG). ElvalHalcor had the pleasure of supporting RawMat 2023 as a platinum sponsor, acknowledging its significance.

ElvalHalcor has made a strategic commitment to the responsible manufacturing and development of sustainable products, with emphasis -among other - on energy performance, environmentally responsible technologies, products with a higher recycled aluminium and copper content percentage and continuous improvement of its overall footprint. At the same time, acknowledging the critical role of the supply chain, the company pays attention to the responsible management and assessment of its suppliers, in order to create long-lasting partnerships based on common principles and targets.
The contribution of aluminium in sustainable development, as well as the responsible practices applied by the company, were presented by Panos Tserolas, Sustainability Senior Manager of ElvalHalcor's Aluminium Rolling Division. Moreover, P. Tserolas elaborated on ElvalHalcor's wide international experience in the global aluminium market, as well as on the prompt strategic investments implemented by the company, in order to utilize the great prospects for sustainable and recyclable aluminium products, noting the following: “The critical contribution of aluminium products to a circular economy with low carbon emissions underlines the need for partnerships throughout the value chain and among all involved parties, in order to achieve the strategic goal for reducing the overall carbon footprint.” 
George Georgiadis, Operational Excellence Manager of ElvalHalcor’s Copper and Alloys Extrusion Division, went on to showcase the key role of copper, its significance and contribution to the successful transition toward a more sustainable future, pointing out the following: “Like aluminium, copper is a 100% recyclable material, which remains a competitive advantage in the copper industry. Copper is at the core of the megatrends for energy-efficient equipment in building air-conditioning, energy transfer from Renewable Energy Sources, electrification, etc. Its significant capacity for endless recycling without losing its properties makes it an eligible product for the circular economy, a model that aims at maximizing the use of resources, as proved by the European Union which has defined copper as a critical raw material in the course towards a climate-neutral future.”
About ElvalHalcor
ElvalHalcor is a leading global industrial producer of aluminium and copper products. ElvalHalcor currently holds a leading position in Europe in the copper tubes sector, while also having established its leading position within the global aluminium rolling industry. The Company has over 85 years of experience and know-how, a strong production base across 15 state-of-the-art production plants and a market presence in over 90 countries. ElvalHalcor offers sustainable solutions and products in dynamically developing markets such as packaging, transportation, building and construction, heating, cooling and air conditioning and RES. ElvalHalcor's growth focuses on investing in technology and sustainable development, thereby creating shared value for its stakeholders. 


Aug 31, 2023


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