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ElvalHalcor has been certified against the aerospace industry AS9100 Standard

Elval, ElvalHalcor’s Aluminium Rolling Division has been certified against the AS9100 Standard, having successfully met all of the Standard’s requirements and having received very positive feedback by the assessors.
This certification grants Elval access to the aviation and aerospace supply chain, opening new horizons for ElvalHalcor. 
AS9100 is the most recent standard prepared by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) which is composed by aerospace industry representatives from all over the world.
The standard is addressed to organizations that design, develop or provide aviation, space and defense products and services, including parts, components and assemblies, supporting them in their effort to meet their clients’ specific requirements.

On the occasion of ElvalHalcor’s AS9100 certification, Lina Koudouni, Elval’s Quality Systems Supervisor stated that: “At Elval we always explore new product and process possibilities while leveraging aluminium’s leading role in the circular economy. High strength, lightweight, formability and corrosion resistance are the valuable properties that position aluminium as the dominant metal in aerospace engineering. Its versatile nature outperforms other aviation materials ensuring a brilliant future for this amazing metal”.
Aluminium has a long and successful history in the aerospace industry. The Wright brothers chose aluminium for the cylinder block and other engine parts for their first manned wood-frame biplane in 1903. Since then, aluminium has been present throughout our daily lives, from beverage cans and building envelopes to ships, pharmaceuticals, consumer appliances and electric vehicles. 


Nov 29, 2021


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