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SEV Conference “A Greek Digital Strategy”

ELVAL, as a sponsor of SEV’s conference, held on May 12, “A Greek Digital Strategy- The Road to Growth”, was represented by Mr. Michael Stasinopoulos, chairman of the Industry and Manufacturing Committee of SEV as well as a member of the Board of Directors of SEV. Mr. Stasinopoulos participated in the “Implementing the Digital Transformation of Greek Industry” panel.

Following a short presentation of ELVAL, a company active in aluminium processing, with a strong focus on exports, offering high-value added products, it was noted that technology was always and still is important for the company and influences its business model.
From the beginning of the computer age and digital technology for industrial applications, ELVAL has adopted technological developments, producing, substantial technical know-how, gaining in this way, a competitive advantage.

In the past few decades, ELVAL has installed several systems and applications of increasing complexity and technological intensity. By processing Big Data, since the mid-90s, it has installed data acquisition systems, in order to maximize the efficiency of complex production lines.

ELVAL has been granted a number of awards, for installing, over the past decade, an advanced production planning system, which is an extremely complex information system, combining customer orders with production and sales and has significant features of human intelligence, maximizing the whole production process.
Investment in digital technology, by industrial companies, is very profitable, because of multiple benefits, ranging from better performance at the production level to timely order delivery. Utilisation of digital technology by modern industry is a prerequisite for its survival, in an ever-increasing, highly competitive international environment.
The digital transformation of Greek Industry is very Important, given its influence in supporting the national economy and its contribution to balanced development, which can lead to growth and the creation of quality jobs.

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May 12, 2017


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