For us, sustainability is a prerequisite for Sustainable Development and also a factor in achieving stability and success. The implementation of responsible operating practices is our strategic choice, emphasising and focusing our attention over time on material issues and crucial pillars of corporate responsibility. We strive for a target of zero incidents by constantly improving our workplace while also taking care of minimising our environmental footprint. We build long-term relationships of trust with our customers and partners and we are always on their side supporting the needs of the local communities where we operate.
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ElvalHalcor, for the 4th consecutive year, was evaluated, based on its performance in the “Sustainability Performance Directory” and ranked in "The Most Sustainable Companies in Greece" group of companies for the year 2020. These companies have adopted a holistic approach to Sustainability issues, operate as examples of good business practice and play an important role in shaping a new growth model that is directly related to Greek companies’ competitiveness and in terms of attracting investments. ElvalHalcor’s participation in this group, for yet another year, confirms the Company’s continuous commitment and strategy related to sustainable development, through its application of responsible business practices.

Sustainability at Elval

Sustainability is at the heart of our corporate culture, our values and business strategy. We are dedicated to operate responsibly in all our business activities with aim to continuous improvement. Our strategy is based on a sustainable business model and our sustainability work is focused to creating value for all of our stakeholders.
The vision we are implementing each and every day is to respect the principles of Sustainable Development (economic prosperity, environmental protection and social cohesion). We invest in our people and we are committed to implementing responsible working practices. We operate in a way that is safe for our people and respectful to the environment. We behave responsibly and with care for local communities. Our approach to Sustainability is defined in our Sustainability policy. We report our sustainability progress on an annual basis.
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Our people

''Our people'' are the key to our success. They realise our vision and build our future. For us, it’s our people who breathe life into Elval’s values and principles. Our people are the driving force behind Elval’s successful development and growth. For these reason, we systematically invest on our human resources’ selection, training, evaluation, retention and development.
Our success is based on the dedication, creativity and know-how of our people. We would not be able to achieve our corporate goals without the support and commitment of our people. Recognising the contribution of our people to our business path and future growth, we dynamically keep on applying responsible working practices, seeking to employment ensurance.
Our main goal is to maintain working environment of equal opportunities that respects the personality of each employee and rewards efforts, by investing materially and systematically, in the development and growth of our people.
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Occupational health and safety

It is everyone’s wish and right to work in a safe environment.
For us, the safety and health of our people and associates is a non-negotiable priority and commitment.
The cooperation and contribution of all stakeholders is the basis for creating a climate of security. We emphasize on prevention by ensuring that all necessary measures are taken. Preventing actions are guiding our every day job. Elval implements major investments yearly to constantly improve infrastructure and our performance in the occupational health and safety.
Our goal for zero safety incidents
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Environmental protection

We are committed to protecting the environment and this has been integrated into our corporate strategy. Proof of our commitment is that each year we implement a major capital expenditure plan, which includes environmental protection projects and also adopt practices to continuously improve our environmental performance.
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Supply chain responsibility

In our sustainability journey, we promote and diffuse corporate responsibility issues across our entire supply chain. As our suppliers and partners are an important link in our business chain and a determining factor in the quality of our end products, we implement a responsible policy in supply chain management. Our ultimate goal is to operate responsibly, generating added value for all.
We seek to promote responsibility practices throughout the supply chain.
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Customers and quality

Our aim is to constantly offer our customers top quality products and expert solutions: experience based on innovation, strong commitment to or customers and extensive range of products and services that ensure our leading position in many of the countries we operate.
To maintain and improve its trust-based relationship with its customers, it has given priority to:
  • Innovation, mainly driven by research and development.
  • Implementing cutting-edge management and administration methods.
  • Closer cooperation with customers.
  • Improving products and equipment processes.
We systematically monitor our customers’needs and requirements and continually improve the quality of our products and services.
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Aluminium recycling

Aluminium is one of the most recycled materials worldwide. The important properties of aluminium, coupled with its numerous applications in modern society, make it a ‘green’ metal. Aluminium recycling is a particularly important and vital practice for Sustainable Development, since it helps greatly, in saving natural resources and energy.
As part of its general strategy to achieve Sustainable Development and promote aluminium recycling in Greece, Elval create (2013) the innovative Aluminium Can Recycling Centre. Today, we are very proud that our voluntary initiative - Canal - now counts 14 years of operation and contribution in aluminium recycling.
Recycling concerns us all!
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Care for society

We recognise the importance of giving something back to society, especially to the local communities in which we operate. Making a contribution to, and taking a responsible approach towards society as a whole has been identified as one of the key aspects of sustainable development for Elval.
Our goal is to contribute to the development and sustainability of local communities.
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Sustainability Reports


In line with our commitment to sustainability, we publish annual Sustainability Reports that detail our economic-governance, social and environmental practices and performance. We transparently present our sustainability achievements, strategic priorities and future goals as well as information about our commitment to sustainable operations and development.
Our reports meet Sustainability Reporting guidelines issued by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI Standards). ElvalHalcor’s 2022 Sustainability Report has been prepared in accordance with the new Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, «in accordance with the GRI Standards», and the new edition of the Athens Stock Exchange ESG Reporting Guide 2022.

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