For us, sustainability is a prerequisite for Sustainable Development and also a factor in achieving stability and success. The implementation of responsible operating practices is our strategic choice, emphasising and focusing our attention over time on material issues and crucial pillars of corporate responsibility. We strive for a target of zero incidents by constantly improving our workplace while also taking care of minimising our environmental footprint. We build long-term relationships of trust with our customers and partners and we are always on their side supporting the needs of the local communities where we operate.
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Care for society

We recognise the importance of giving something back to society, especially to the local communities in which we operate. Making a contribution to, and taking a responsible approach towards society as a whole has been identified as one of the key aspects of sustainable development for Elval.
Our goal is to contribute to the development and sustainability of local communities.




Supporting local communities

We believe it is our duty to coexist with our “neighbour” and therefore actively support and contribute to the prosperity of local communities and society as a whole.
For us, existing harmoniously alongside the local community and working in partnership with it for a better future is very important. That is why we feel obliged to be as consciously present as possible and provide practical support to the local communities and environment of areas in which we operate.
Our goal is to contribute to the development and sustainability of local communities. To that end, we support local jobs and encourage local entrepreneurship.
For many years, we have supported schemes and activities for society, the environment, vulnerable social groups, culture and sport, and we hope to continue to do so, for years to come.



Social contribution initiatives

Our main goal is to act as active members of the society where we operate. For this reason, Elval gives priority and is always happy to respond to issues that concern the local community, having established a close and lasting relationship based on dialogue and cooperation. At the same time, we support systematically the school community of the local area, programs and actions relating to society, sports clubs and local entities.
Our people’s contribution as volunteers
Since 2010, by initiative of Elval’s people, the internal program “We Work Together for a Society of Solidarity” was launched. This action aims to support families in need by organising an internal awareness campaign among employees to collect food, clothing, toys and books. Year after year, despite the adverse economic conditions, the employee's contribution has been significant and the involvement of the Elval's employees is very high, allowing the continuation and establishment of this action, and also planning additional social responsibility initiatives with the active participation of all of us.
Voluntary blood donation
We support the institution of voluntary blood donation. In this context, Elval has established and maintains a blood bank since 2005 to cover the needs of its employees and their families, an act of collective responsibility and collegial solidarity. Over seven blood donation programs are scheduled and implemented annually in Elval’s facilities, in cooperation with Laiko Hospital.


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