For us, sustainability is a prerequisite for Sustainable Development and also a factor in achieving stability and success. The implementation of responsible operating practices is our strategic choice, emphasising and focusing our attention over time on material issues and crucial pillars of corporate responsibility. We strive for a target of zero incidents by constantly improving our workplace while also taking care of minimising our environmental footprint. We build long-term relationships of trust with our customers and partners and we are always on their side supporting the needs of the local communities where we operate.
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ElvalHalcor joins the group of companies included in “The Most Sustainable Companies in Greece 2020” which highlight the Business Roadmap of Sustainable Development in Greece Sustainability at Elval Our people Occupational health and safety Environmental protection Supply chain responsibility Customers and quality Aluminium recycling Care for society Sustainability Reports Career at Elval

General Manager’s message

For Elval, Corporate Responsibility is a key condition for Sustainable Development and also a factor in stability and success. The vision we are implementing each and every day is to respect the principles of Sustainable Development (economic prosperity, environmental protection and social responsibility).
As a company investing in Sustainability, we operate and grow following healthy business principles and responsible practices. Serving the values of our corporate vision, we undertake initiatives that cover a wide range of actions. With a long tradition in human-centred approach, respect for the environment, care for society and focused on wider economic prosperity, at Elval we seek to contribute in every way and create value for our stakeholders and society in general.
Consistently oriented towards innovation, we place particular emphasis on the research and development of new technologies, aiming to develop new innovative solutions and value-added products for our customers. We are in constant contact with our customers and, working together, we respond to their needs and offer solutions aimed at their satisfaction and service. As a result, these strategic actions provide high levels of customer satisfaction and this is a true reward for us.
We are proud when our endeavours pay off and bear fruit, and when distinctions are awarded to mark our commitment to what we do. Thanks to our innovative product Elval Grain, we won the top innovation prize in the “Greece Innovates!” competition. Elval proved that a Greek aluminium industry can be highly competitive on an international level and manufacture products of high quality and innovation, which have gained customers’ trust and are successful in the global market. We are particularly honored by this prize since it rewards our strategic choice to operate as a responsible business, implementing modern business practices with the overriding goal of attaining Sustainable Development.
Our success is based on the steadfast dedication, creativity and know-how of our people. We would not be able to achieve our corporate goals without the support and commitment of our people. Recognising the contribution of our people to our business path and future growth, we are committed to dynamically continue to apply responsible employment practices, seeking to maintain and increase jobs. To promote innovation, groundbreaking developments and cultivate a sense of responsibility, we strive to offer our employees an excellent, safe working environment with a strong emphasis on respect for the individual. Our strategic choice is to constantly invest in our people by ensuring continuing growth and development, adapting to cutting edge technological requirements in the sector and recognising and rewarding effort.
Safeguarding health and safety in the workplace is not merely some obligation we have to perform, dictated by international standards or regulations. It is a strategic choice with a philosophy behind it; something we do systematically, by implementing best international practices. For us the goal of Zero Accidents remains a top priority. This is why we implement a certified Occupational Health and Safety Management System, run targeted prevention programs, focus on providing continuing briefings and training for our people and associates on related topics while all the time consistently investing in systems to optimise working conditions and infrastructure and foster a ‘safety climate’.
Having completed a major capital expenditure plan involving infrastructure projects that contribute to environmental protection (melting – delacquering furnaces, cutting edge industrial water treatment plant) we actively prove the importance we attach to responsible environmental management. We also have in place a certified Environmental Management System, run targeted environmental protection programs and as we strive to constantly improve our environmental performance, we make major investments in this sector each year.
When we launched the Aluminium Can Recycling Centre (CANAL) we had a clear idea in mind: to spread the word about aluminium recycling in Greece in order to change mindsets and increase the exceptionally low aluminium recycling rates in the country. Today, we are very proud that this voluntary initiative of ours, CANAL, has been in operation for 14 years, making a major contribution to aluminium recycling.
For us, existing harmoniously alongside the local community and working in partnership with it for a better future is very important. That is why we feel obliged to be as consciously present as possible and provide practical support to the local communities and environment of areas in which we operate. Our goal is to contribute to the development and sustainability of local communities, by adopting and implementing a series of social solidarity programs. To that end, we support local jobs and encourage local entrepreneurship. For many years, we have supported schemes and activities for society, the environment, vulnerable social groups, culture and sport, and we hope to continue to do so, for years to come.
Our main aim for the future is to pursue our effort for Elval’s self-improvement in the context of sustainability, serving with consistency and responsibility the vision and the values that govern our operation. We firmly believe that by continuing with the same passion and efficiency our common effort, Elval will always be a responsible corporate citizen.
We are proud of our performance and everything we have achieved so far in the area of Sustainability. In this successful path and effort, the strong commitment of the Management, the dynamic contribution of our people and the substantial work they offer, play a key role. Finalising our assessment, however, we recognise that we still have a long way to go and significant challenges to face, despite the difficulties in the business environment. With a strong belief in our people, respect for our shareholders, customers and associates, care for society, responsibility for the environment, we will continue to offer value and make Elval a major force in the aluminum industry.
 ‘’ Our goal remains to generate added value for all our stakeholders, and achieve Sustainable Development for Elval both in the medium- and in the long-term.’’
Lambros Varouchas,
Chairman and General Manager