For us, sustainability is a prerequisite for Sustainable Development and also a factor in achieving stability and success. The implementation of responsible operating practices is our strategic choice, emphasising and focusing our attention over time on material issues and crucial pillars of corporate responsibility. We strive for a target of zero incidents by constantly improving our workplace while also taking care of minimising our environmental footprint. We build long-term relationships of trust with our customers and partners and we are always on their side supporting the needs of the local communities where we operate.
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Occupational health and safety policy


The occupational health and safety policy adopted by Elval is binding on all of our employees and associates.
Elval’s management team is immediately informed about all health and safety issues and seeks to ensure the uninterrupted implementation of health and safety policy and the relevant provisions of national law.

Based on our policy:
  • We have set as our primary and constant goal the achievement of the highest possible level of health and safety for our employees.
  • We support the supply of the necessary resources (financial, human, organizational, etc) in order to achieve that level.
  • We acknowledge that the promotion of health and safety as an optimum business practice and we commit to its continuous improvement.
  • We commit to adhering to relevant legislation and to implementing the highest standards on health and safety issues.
  • We acknowledge health and safety to be the main criteria in evaluating and reaching any business decision
  • We place absolute priority on accident prevention and controlling dangerous situations before they develop.
  • We acknowledge the importance of the human factor on health and safety issues and are working towards the constant education and upgrading of the Elval's human resources in this area.
  • We aim to promote a safety mindset in all our activities, including the activities of our associated companies, contractors, etc.
Our goal is for zero safety incidents

Safeguarding health and safety in the workplace is not merely some obligation we have to perform, dictated by international standards or regulations. It is a strategic choice with a philosophy behind it; something we do systematically, by implementing best international practices. For us the goal of zero incidents remains a top priority.

Health and Safety Management System

Integrated health and safety management at Elval has been achieved by consistently implementing the occupational health and safety management system (certified in line with the requirements of the ISO 45001:2018 standard).
Elval’s health and safety management system:
  • is based on prevention.
  • seeks to ensure constant improvements of occupational health and safety conditions.
  • focuses on people, to ensure people are safe in the workplace.
  • presupposes that all employees (and associates) will participate and contribute.
  • covers all Elval's production facilities.

Building a climate of safety

Our unwavering goal is to create a ‘climate of safety’ for all our employees and associates. To achieve that we focus on providing targeted training courses to raise awareness and get all employees involved in our endeavour to ensure high occupational health and safety performance ratings. To promote that, we focus our attention on adopting best health and safety management practices, employing tools designed to change the way our employees and associates think.

Behavioural safety audits:

  • Carried out daily.
  • Scheduled or surprise audits.
  • Specific methodologies are followed.
  • Carried out by appropriately trained auditors.

Building a climate of safety:

  • We use safe working standards.
  • All Elval's executives have affirmed their personal commitment to safety.
  • All employees are involved to improve safety (occupational risk assessment, investigations of incidents, new safe working procedures, etc.).

Investigation of all occupational safety incidents:

  • We monitor and record all incidents and near misses.
  • We investigate and analyse the causes.
  • We immediately plan the necessary corrective actions.
  • All employees are then briefed about each incident and near miss to avoid similar safety incidents recurring or to avoid conditions that could lead to recurring.
We seek to create a culture where safety accountability will be evident in all levels. To achieve this, we implement an extensive and targeted training program. We also issue safe work guidelines and an occupational health and safety manual and distribute visualised safe work guidelines. Always focused on prevention, we set the right priorities and apply programs for mentality and behaviour changes, as a means of improving occupational safety. These programs are addressed both to our people and to the contractor employees who work continuously in our facilities.