For us, sustainability is a prerequisite for Sustainable Development and also a factor in achieving stability and success. The implementation of responsible operating practices is our strategic choice, emphasising and focusing our attention over time on material issues and crucial pillars of corporate responsibility. We strive for a target of zero incidents by constantly improving our workplace while also taking care of minimising our environmental footprint. We build long-term relationships of trust with our customers and partners and we are always on their side supporting the needs of the local communities where we operate.
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Our people

''Our people'' are the key to our success. They realise our vision and build our future. For us, it’s our people who breathe life into Elval’s values and principles. Our people are the driving force behind Elval’s successful development and growth. For these reason, we systematically invest on our human resources’ selection, training, evaluation, retention and development.
Our success is based on the dedication, creativity and know-how of our people. We would not be able to achieve our corporate goals without the support and commitment of our people. Recognising the contribution of our people to our business path and future growth, we dynamically keep on applying responsible working practices, seeking to employment ensurance.
Our main goal is to maintain working environment of equal opportunities that respects the personality of each employee and rewards efforts, by investing materially and systematically, in the development and growth of our people.

Ongoing training and development

It is our constant commitment to maintain a corporate culture that encourages development and maximises our people’s knowledge and skills. In this context, we consistently invest in our people, using the latest skill development systems and tools for their growth, focusing on constant training, planning and implementing high added value training programs.

Elval Academy - Dedicated to excellence

Elval Academy is a key way of creating a common culture within Elval and aligning the organisational needs and goals with the individual ones, offering high quality training programs.
The Academy’s full scope is to develop effectively employees’ skills, knowledge and expertise through various trainings, which are based on structured methodology, customised sessions and material that meet specific needs and cover a wide range of knowledge fields. Elval has also invested on highly skilled trainers – both internal and external – who, thanks to their extensive experience and deep knowledge, are considered a valuable asset to Elval.
Training structure: 
The Academy has been structured on four levels and covers fields like:
  • Management/Leadership
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Technical
  • Health & Safety
  • Orientation

Employee evaluations

Aiming to our employees’ continuous evolution and development, to the maximum exploitation of their skills and identifying their training needs, we implement an employee performance evaluation system based on objective and transparent criteria.
Employee evaluation is a practice with multiple benefits for both employees and the company. The system we implement for employee performance evaluation is an important tool, as it focuses on the development and growth of our people and aims to reward good professional performance.

Events for employees

Internal communication is an important priority for us; continuous and two-way internal communication strengthens the climate of trust between employees and the Management, strengthens corporate culture and helps employees’ collaboration. It also significantly enhances the ties of employees and their families with Elval.
Seeking to promote an open and two-way internal communication, we implement an “Open Doors” policy at Elval, whereby Management is always willing to accept and discuss issues that concern human resources.

“We invest in an ongoing communication and building up an excellent working environment through events for all our people and the members of their families”

Every year we celebrate the Christmas all together. Elval’s management organised every year, Christmas dinners in our facilities for all employees and their spouses/partners. A total of four dinners were hosted attended by over 900 people.
Christmas children party
“We have blast!”,“It's kind of magic here!”... this is what our children said when we asked them what they think of the Christmas children party held for yet another year by Elval at the Wyndham Grand Athens hotel. The event was a genuine Christmas celebration for the 600 people and children who attended it. Children were involved in many activities such as, Christmas crafts, waxworks, climbing wall, face painting and more, with inspiration, creativity, dancing and lots of fun, enjoying the time spent with their parents.
On Sunday, 19th of April 2015 we held the open door day event at Elval’s facilities in Oinofyta. Elval’s doors opened for the first time to allow employees to visit the plant with their families. Attendance was high, with more than 1,400 people having fun and getting to know Elval’s facilities.
Christmas dinners

Career at Elval

We invest in our people, since they play a key role to Elval’s business success. Elval’s strategy is to attract, develop and retain capable people to ensure that our business objectives and priorities are constantly attained. Elval strives to offer its people a great working environment, respecting each individual personality, recognising commitment and supporting education and career advancement for its employees.

We are seeking for qualified and creative people, who can work as a team. We seek of personnel  who is distinguished by work ethic, moral values, ambition, passion for work and professionalism. People who are capable of meeting the professional challenges with consistency in a sector that is constantly evolving and requires a high level of know how.

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