The Elval way

Being customer centric means
being people centric

Advanced customisation defines Elval. We tailor our products and services on an individualized basis to meet specific customer needs and requirements in a cost-effective way. This is achieved through a customer-centric approach,
utilizing an interactive dialogue between our experienced team of technical experts and our clients, with an end result of premium-quality alloys and manufacturing. Continuous innovation, in cooperation with the customer, has made our aluminum solutions exceptional in versatility, efficiency and aesthetics, spanning a diverse range of aluminum production sectors: packaging, brazing, automotive, transportation and shipping. Solution- driven technical innovation has resulted in Elval’s wide spectrum of specialised products and manufacturing expertise.

Elval’s core of technical expertise and capabilities include:

Elval’s customers span the globe in more than 60 countries


Our technology center & services

Innovation is the road - Our customers’ success is the destination

Elval’s onsite technology center is the cornerstone to our innovative solutions. The center is an integral part of the Elval network consisting of a synthesis of departments. Through the center, customers gain fast track access to research and development in the areas of product design, process innovation and technical support, unmatched by market competitors.

Individual commitment to a group effort brings success

At the forefront of each product and process innovation is Elval’s technology team: an interactive group of multidisciplinary specialists. This team, working alongside our customers, creates solutions providing superior analytical and technological know-how. The departments of quality control, quality assurance, customer technical support, product development, metallurgy, and the chemistry lab, collaborate to develop new products and optimise existing product performance for 100% customer satisfaction.
Elval’s intensive customer- centric approach develops innovative solutions which deliver our customers’ commercial success.

Lean manufacturing efficiency

Elval implements the systematic method of lean manufacturing to reduce waste during the production process. Through streamlining the process, quality is improved while decreasing production time and cost. The benefits of lean manufacturing include:
  • improved quality
  • educed customer cost
  • improved delivery time
  • minimised environmental impact.

R&D Partnerships

Solving materials challenges with quality, innovation, and tailor-made solutions

Elval’s business partnerships create valuable innovation opportunities, cultivate new ideas, and ensure our R&D is aligned with market evolution and customer needs. These partnerships help create an extensive scientific network dedicated to discovering creative approaches to industry challenges and developing up-and-coming hi-tech products. Our strong focus on technology and innovation is reflected in the dedicated R&D partnerships we have with:

Innovation success stories

Understanding customer needs
and market shifts

Innovation is at the heart of Elval. Our objective is simple – to provide customers and the market with the best aluminum solutions. To achieve this, we first work to understand their needs and then provide the trusted know-how, reliable alloys, and ground breaking technologies, which are synonymous with Elval, to meet those needs.

Internationally recognised for dependability


Quality excellence

Elval = Excellence

Quality Excellence is a purpose, a distinction of value and merit which is reached through an iterative process of methodology, analysis, and improvement. At Elval, the mechanism for achieving excellence is our Quality Management System.
We are continually investing in both our Quality Control Program and Quality Assurance Program in order to deliver a superior final product while protecting our family of of our employees and our neighboring environment. We demand integrity, effectiveness, and responsibility from our employees, partners and suppliers, which results in the excellence that is synonymous with Elval products.
Universal quality mindset = continuously improving operations

Customer technical support

Our customers’ success is our success

Elval’s customers can expect outstanding service from our team of specialists from early product development stages through to after sales support. Our pledge of top quality means commitment to ongoing evaluations and troubleshooting to produce superior products that meet our customers’ requirements. Choosing Elval means choosing a high quality product and an outstanding technical support network.
To ensure quality and boost efficiency, guaranteeing customer satisfaction, Elval participates in the lean six sigma training courses with personnel from various departments: engineers, developers and technical experts, who together have achieved certification from the program including the top level of black belt. The six sigma method is applied on a continuous basis to problem solving, resulting in greater efficiency and quality control.

Lean Six Sigma = Customer Satisfaction


Quality certifications

Given Elval’s strong export orientation, the level of quality of the final goods is the cornerstone of their commercial success. Under this scope, all of the Group’s basic production plants are certified by local and/or internationally acknowledged organisations on the quality of the final products. With regards to the aluminium rolling production units, the production procedure of Elval’s industrial complex is fully certified according to IATF 16949:2016, ISO 9001:2015, AS9100D, while all products comply with European and US specifications and bear the quality marks of international organizations, such as Germanischer Lloyd, TÜV, Lloyds Register, Det Norske Veritas etc. Furthermore, environmental management is carried out in accordance with ISO 14001:20015. 

Standards and certifications

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